The Farm

Snow on the fields
Last winter

Winter has been a lot kinder to us this year, Last year (2012) the long frozen spell added many hours to the daily work load through sheep forage , safety and frozen water problems.


In the last 5 years we started building new livestock buildings to improve animal welfare and ease management. We have oversized the buildings to give the animals plenty of room also making plenty of lambing space for the spring lambing, along with a new handling system for sheep maintenance . This has kept us busy over the weekends but is nearly finished now.

Bee Hive
The new hive

Recently we  introduced a hive of bees to help pollinate clover, trees and flowers on the farm.  We also try to plough a percentage of our fields annually with a high clover mix to add to the flavour of our lamb and beef.







Learning the skills of dry stone walling from a retired farm worker has been well appreciated. We renewed a full stretch of one field providing stock proofing and good animal shelters in wind and rainy conditions.

Lately we’ve been turning our attention to planting some areas up for wildlife habitats with mixed hedgerows and a mixture of fruit trees. This is also a bonus as the bees will help pollenate the fruit trees hopefully increasing the yields each year.





Bee hives and fruit trees.

Double fencing to protect the new whips.

Top quality local produce